Avalon Labs incubates and invests in software and technology companies worldwide. Our software expertise and global network allows operationally light companies under our wings to thrive. We are also the only investment fund based out of India run by a team of millennials, with presence in 7 countries across 3 continents.

We build sustainable, profitable businesses

A completely new approach to building businesses. At Avalon, we follow the scientific process of observation, experimentation and repetition.

Our Companies

From ideation, incubation, growth and seed funding: we do it all.

Hyper local mobile app for various deals.

The team

An experienced, well rounded founding team.

Investors and Advisors

Backed by nearly 500 years of combined business experience.

Kunal Nandwani
Director, Hascove


Ishay Tentser
Director, iniTech

Europe Networks

The Avalon Way

Built to empower a new age of automated global businesses. Work will never be boring again.

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About Us

In the last five years, the world has undergone radical change when it comes to building software. What took years now takes weeks - but it requires a completely different mind set. Avalon teams up with driven entrepreneurs and teams across the world to build quality software, shipped in time. We leverage our vast global B2B network to quickly spearhead a product into profitability, an underappreciated skill in the current startup ecosystem. It's a wholesome process to building technology that real people use everyday, and we're here to make that happen. More often than not, we put our money where our mouth is - writing seed cheques in subsidiary companies comes naturally to us.