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Our product + growth solution helps fast-growth companies across the world build products, tap into new markets, and engage new audiences at breakneck speeds.

We also run an investment fund powered entirely by our own revenues that invests in driven B2B SaaS entrepreneurs.
Oh, and we're run entirely by millennials.


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What's in an Advertisement?

On 8th January 2019, we set out on building an advert for Avalon Upgrade. A campaign that presented millennials in new light to potential decision makers across the world. Currently running via targeted LinkedIn and Youtube adverts.

Watch the behind the scenes now.

#50 Strong

Avalon Labs and its portfolio companies now employ over 50 people across the world. We'd like to thank all our partners and investee companies and of course, every single one of our employees that has watched us grow over the years. BTW, the core company is bootstrapped.

Hiring is a tedious process, and we let in less than 1% of candidates into the company. That's more than 5,000 interviews in the last year alone!

#1 on the Bestseller Charts

Our CEO's Bloomsbury (of Harry Potter fame) published book reached #1 on the Amazon Business Communications bestsellers charts, beating greats like Harvard Business Review, Dale Carnegie, IDEO and several others.

We'd call that a great way to bring in the New Year.

We build and help build sustainable, profitable businesses

A completely new approach to shipping products, growing brands and building businesses. At Avalon, we follow the scientific process of observation, experimentation and repetition.

Our consultancy process:
Radical Experimentation

There's a "Lab" in our name for a reason. We build modular products and rapidly test product-market fit, throwing away the poorly fitting pieces without remorse. We then run several campaigns and advertisements in parallel, testing audience responses. We also use best in class email automation and data tools to reach exactly who you need, exactly when they need your product/service. Timing and brand are the two things we help companies nail.

Our typical clients are large B2B companies, Inc5000 companies and Series A, B and C product startups. We work with Javascript, React, Rails, Angular, among a wide range of technologies on the development end.

Read our famous Ultra Drip targeting + retargeting technique

First unveiled at Oracle's Future Proof Marketing event, this article will run you through the basics of how to drastically lower your CAC by nurturing a highly engaged audience.

Read the entire article.

We can build products and help you reach a rate of growth surpassing that of any agency you've worked with before. Let us prove it you you -- speak to our sales team today for a health check.

Our Investments

We build the technology, open our networks, run the adverts, write the seed cheque, and sell too!
Why go to a traditional angel when you can come to us?


Atlanta based B2B sales automation software as a service that helps businesses find and engage high quality leads by mapping the entire public internet (67Mn records+).

CEO: Alex Gonzales

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Previously Mana Network. B2B events attended by who's who the Bangalore business ecosystem.

Nikitha Shiv

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Mental health platform backed by 1400 research papers. Avalon's own "Experimental" B2C project that reached profitability in early 2017.

CEO: Abhinav Arora

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Working with a legal team with over 33 years of experience on building an equity management and share transfers platform.
Previously titled Enkidu.

Akhil Bansal

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coinFrenzy (exit)

Crypto news media platform with 30k+ monthly loyal readers.
Influencers like Justin Sun (CEO, Tron, Bittorrent) were part of the network.

CEO: Anshul Mohan
Exit to: Peerplays Ltd, Dec 2018.

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Open source MBA alternative and startup training course and group that engages over 180,000 entrepreneurs each month. Topics covered include Product, Code, Design, Marketing, Sales and more.

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Investors and Advisors

Backed by nearly 100 years of combined business experience. Featured advisors and investors:


Singularity University


VP Product
Hotstar, ex-Practo, ex-Hike


WellBrain, Ex-Gnosis


Purvi Capital

About Us

In the last five years, the world has undergone radical change when it comes to building software. What took years now takes weeks - but it requires a completely different mindset. Avalon teams up with driven entrepreneurs and teams across the world to build quality software, shipped in time. We leverage our vast global B2B network to quickly spearhead a product into profitability, an underappreciated skill in the current startup ecosystem. It is a wholesome process to build and scale technology that real people use everyday, and we're here to make that happen. More often than not, we put our money where our mouth is - writing seed cheques in driven entrepreneurs comes naturally to us.